Retroactive: Wonder Woman 1990's One Shot - Bill Messner-Loebs (Review)


Summary: It's a defining tale of Wonder Woman from the creators who crafted her courageous career in the 1990s, as she shows young women everywhere what it means to be Princess of the Amazons.

Rating: 4/5

IMG_6976 Review: This was a completely random purchase I made while browsing at my local comic shop. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was instantly struck by the beautiful, bright, pink cover. Wonder Woman is first and foremost my favorite superhero so I'm down to read pretty much anything of hers, let alone with such a gorgeous use of color. I've primarily read Wonder Woman starting with Gail Simone's run, and the New 52 issues so I figured it would be interesting to see an earlier version of Diana.

I wasn't expecting very much from the story, and I figured it would just be a pretty addition to my collection at the very least. It was lovely to find that the short story inside was just as fun and charming as the artwork. It's an adorable, girl power, feel-good story featuring a group of young women whom Diana is mentoring. The diversity of characters was really refreshing and it made me feel all kinds of fuzzy inside.

Much of her newer stuff has that "gritty" edge to it that is popular in recent comic storytelling, but my attraction to Diana as a character has been the deeply positive message that is at the root of her personality. Ultimately, Diana's main goal is to always spread peace and happiness, and while it can be powerful to see this message shine through a dark and twisted plot arc it was refreshing to see that same personality and set of values in such a pleasant, informal setting.

Final Thoughts: For the average comic fan, this might not be on the top of your list to go out and buy. But if you're a fan of Wonder Woman, female superheroes or if you are looking to purchase a first comic book for a young girl - I would recommend picking up a copy of this beautiful issue!

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