24th Birthday - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

It's once again that time of year everyone hates (at least on the East Coast) - the holidays are over and the snow keeps dumping on us; there are no longer any presents or pretty lights to soften the cold, early in the morning as you scrape off your windshield. And yet, February is the month of my birthday and so I am forced to make the best of it! I think I've started to enjoy this frigid time of the year because I've conditioned myself to - but it could also have to do with my general hermit-like nature.

I had a nice breakfast with my family before we got very bundled up (I'm obsessed with my cat hat I just bought) and headed out. I decided the Met was a good choice - relaxing, warm, quiet and beautiful. It was also a great place to practice with my camera. The lighting was a little difficult to work with because it changed so drastically from room to room, but I think I got a few good shots! I hope you guys like them!


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